دانلود IQ Test برنامه تست آی کیو اندروید

دانلود IQ Test برنامه تست آی کیو اندروید 

دانلود برنامه تست و سنجش آی کیو IQ Test  v3.0 اندروید

شما 40 دقیقه زمان برای پاسخ به 39 تست در اختیار دارید.

آی کیو 80 تا 120 نرمال و بالاتر از آن خارق العاده است برای مثال آی کیو بیل گیتس بنیانگذار مایکروسافت 160 میباشد .

شما توسط این برنامه میتوانید آی کیو خود را بسنجید .

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Test my IQ is designed to test IQ. Questions we use are mainly logical graphic questions, which minimize the effects caused by different culture, languages, environment, history and other elements, thus to evaluate your learning ability, memory, logical think ability and creativity.

You have 40 minutes to finish 39 questions. If you are not sure about certain questions, skip them first and move on to those you are confident about.

Usually, people whose IQ is between 80 to 120 are normal, those over 120 are extraordinary. For instance, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has a IQ of 160. The great physicist, Stephen Hawking, also has a IQ of 160. Do you want to know how smart you are? Come on and test your IQ. Maybe you have the potential to be a super genius.